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I have been a reader of science fiction works for many years, and have found this book to be a welcome breathe of fresh air. It was well written, with a new twist on the realm of virtual reality. A wonderful blend of sci-fi, supsense and a main character battling with great mental turmoil. A really good read that I found hard to put down till I'd read the last page. I can't wait for the follow up book Dark Time. well done.

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I was very pleased with the fresh approach to this genre... sharp, crisp and clear plot with vibrant characters.

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Datasphere Book 2 cover art


A Necro Guided Entity of Life

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A world moving on from global devastation, now delicately nursing its wounds. Computer technology continuing to develop and evolve, now a rogue reality in which a mysterious being fights to protect his master's offspring from the clutches of a digital evil. Sanity disastrously slipping away from the one man who can bridge the gap between our reality and that of a much more expanscious, digital existence. Could this man save reality from itself? Only pixels can tell.

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